We’ve modeled our business after the one-stop convenience, attention to detail and service offered at the automotive service stations of the 1940s and 50s.   

Those stations offered ‘bumper to bumper’ service for your car.  From major things like a new transmission or a complete repaint, to the little things like cleaning windshields or checking air pressure in your tires.  

Similarly, with over 30 years combined industry experience, Made it Happen’s principals Thom Ward and Lauree Martell, can deliver any and all of your art department needs; regardless of size or scope.  Guns for hire together or individually or we can crew an entire Art Department from designers to dressers, from costumes to construction and everyone in-between.

Do you need a 30,000 square foot set designed and drafted - or the crew to build and dress it?  A specialty one-off prop fabricated by tomorrow, or maybe a fully equipped construction kit or mobile art department office on-set for your next commercial??    

Check out Our Work then Contact Us if you’d like to find out how we can help you. 

Whether your next project is a 3 hour feature or a 30 second webisode, We’ve Made it Happen before and we’ll make it happen for you.